Profile Prepal Band

Crew : Doel -Guitar, Heru- Bass, Usenx -Vocal, Ramdan-Drums, Andry- Guitar

Headquarter : Bandung

Nama Prepal Band diambil dari bahasa Belanda, yang berarti bebas, sebuah semangat yang dirindukan kita semua, bebas berfikir, berkarya, bebas berrasa , bebas dari tekanan apapun. Kami selalu merasa bebas untuk mengeluarkan isi hati dan fikiran dan juga perasaan kami dalam nada dan melodi serta hentakan bass dan drum kami.
Album pertama kami berjudul “Melayang” terdiri dari sembilan lagu berbahasa Indonesia, kami garap di akhir tahin 2011 dan meluncur awal 2012. Dan semua lagu itu bisa di download gratis di:


Sebagai persembahan kami untuk pecinta musik tanah air! Why not…We love Indonesia!!
Saat ini Prepal Band berada di rangking # 8  Pop chart di Reverbnation untuk wilayah Bandung. Dan kami menyukai lagu dari band semisal Peterpan, Led Zeppelin, Guns N ‘Roses, The Black and Dangerous ,Slank, Ryad Kerbouz (Musisi Indie US) dan banyak lagi.
Bio: bermula pada Mei 2011, kami berusaha membuat musik rock yang easy listening .. dan kami berharap lirik-lirik kami adalah sesuatu yang membuat hati kita akan tersentuh dan selalu merindukan so.. dunia ini lebih baik dengan keberadaan kami …..! Kali ini dan selamanya kami akan mencurahkan isi hati ke dalam bait dan melarutkannya dalam melodi dan riff musik kami….

Contact :
-Facebook: PrepalBand
-Web: dan

PrepalBand Music:

Their first Album was released in January 2012 called  “Melayang”
1. Melayang 
2. Bintang 
3. Aku Ada Untukmu (Acoustic )
4. Aku Dan Kamu
5. Semua Ada Waktunya
6. Dewi Cinta
7. Andai Kau Mendengar
8. Tanpa Dirimu
9. Jangan Susah

Kemudian kami juga telah mengeluarkan single berbahasa Inggris…. Your Smile

Let’s Make Our Own Great Music ! And Get Famous! (in english)

How to make your own music? Do you want to make Minus One? Do you Want to make Guitar Backing Track? Track your favorite Karaoke? Or a strange musical like no other in the world? Maybe  you want to make a special song for someone you love….ehmm …. with lyrics that will make it memorable for her entire life?

Are you a musical? IN YOUR EARS AND MIND YOUR  RESONATES YOUR OWN MUSIC THAT YOU THINK WILL BE A HITS SONG, ONLY IF SOMEONE MAKE IT A TRACK RECORD …. Do you have a golden voice that you think not far from  that of Robert Plant or  a very distintively beautiful sounds but to join US Idol may not be suitable? or have any idea of ​​a good music your ears and have never made them before? a fresh idea or anything related to making any type of music myself?

From now on …. Pass it to the world that  beautiful music and lyrics of “Your Best From The Heart” …

The world will woww it….and owe you a  great gratitude…BE BRAVE AND LET’S START!

And as soon as you are finished making your great work … immediately put your music  on .. a  leading music website as we are currently a resident of  reverbnation chart No. 7 in Bandung Pop Genre and 111 in the national pop music charts … see u there!! If you have a good music and a lot of enthusiasts ..there is open many possibilities you become famous!!! What u waiting for?

I say … if you do not arrange  the music  this time … you lose for a  lifetime …. the song will remain on the graves of your dreams … so …?  is a good time to make your own music. If you lack the funds are just like me, you need a free software for recording vocals, guitars, and bass yourself. And all it really could have done without the other person, and do not pay … unless of course browsing rate. If you are a musician who is really qualified,  there is no loss in recording  your own voice, who knows ..the world will appreciate your work … even if you never  get famous  … at least you want to be known by loved ones … and they say … wow nice song  from my dad.. huh … who knows?

Audacity Ver 2

I mean Audacity Free Download Version, which is useful for  song tracking , can be downloaded free of charge at the bottom ..

But whoa, why Audacity?

The reason is that software is simple, easy to use, free, the quality is mediocre just to make a demo song. If you feel using Innuendo, Sonar, Fruity Loops is still difficult .. Audacity is much simpler. According to my personal opinion, if we can maximize the use of this software, to reduce noise from outside, were recorded in a soundproof / studio band for example, or in a quiet place, then you take the guitar and vocals, etc …. then the result will be more than enough to simply tell how great the music of your own!

How to make sound of  the drum beats?

After that …first time you need to make the drums sound. It can be from Beatcraft software, which is a seven-day trial. And for that  seven days, we make  a drum sample. The you can insert the drum beats using procedure : import  Audacity: audio. In audacity we can put  the drums  sound by copy paste .

Acoustica Beatcraft can be  Downloaded here:

Sequence  of Making Music Track

For the sake of simplicity … the sequence are common, namely the first is to make Drum Track as a basics of musical beats, the second is up with Bass, guitars, piano, synth and vocals at last.

Placement of  Sound (Panning)

And to make the placement of the sound (Panning) … This is quite important because it will determine the quality of the recording. Usually we put the drums / panning in the middle along with Bass and Vocal. For right and left we put our guitars and pianos. That’s like that mixing our songs are simple. And if we listen to the high quality recordings that  we will know that this is not just panning from left ,right ,center, but also the sound of the front and back …may be this is why  3D term bears its name .. .. that is the  thing that we can not do with Audacity .

For guitar and bass,  plug  a small jack into the mic input on your computer’s soundcard, the guarantee is no noise from outside… yes it is clear …

The following video explains how to open files and start putting audacity vocal ..

Sample Track Songs made with Audacity

In the same way you begin to insert sound of bass, guitar and vocal. With patience and recording in a quiet place … you can get a decent recording quality. For example: I’ve made recordings using Audacity and Beatcraft Software under the title “Your Smile” (a song from Prepal Band) … check out our track.. 🙂

Comparison of results… track made with Sonar

In comparison… below is the song Your Smile by PrepalBand created using Sonar software ….

What is needed:

1. Can play guitar and a jack adapter to the computer … well because the hole a little computer mic jack

2. Got computer

3. Mic External / internal

4. A Love to make songs / music, had an idea about a music / songs / arrangements.

5. A guitar or Piano

6. Audacity Software ver 2

7. Drum Software , which I use: Beatcraft (7 day trial version)

8. Headphones or powered speakers … for starters enough with the cheap … but if you wanna start the better quality you need good quality headphones … I use the product for 367 thousand rupiah Plantronic Gamecom367 … if you want one of his high end series Gamecom780 … cost about  800 thousand  rupiah …. the sound has its own cost huhh…


Then …. if way above still unsatisfactory in terms of sound quality Music Demo …

try the next …

We use Magix Music Maker 2013 … I think this program is great .. because it is easy to use when compared with Fruity Loops or Sonar (I’ve installed that  two complicated programs but it took longer than 2 hours to learn .. huhhh) ..

Fortunately there is a program Magix Music Maker … far more sophisticated than Audacity … can track 16 Track … no outside program needed to make drum beats in this software   … easy as pie!

Sample Track Song made with Magix Music Maker

…. This one is sample music from us Prepal Band for Persib Bandung  titled Prince Blue …. cekidot (say: check it out)!! .. 100% demo …. hehe … sorry for the other team’s fans …